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Amber for Batteries

Tired of high electricity bills? Add a solar battery and install the Amber for Batteries app. This game-changing technology will change how you view solar and batteries.

Batteries don't just store power; they earn you money. Amber gives you back control of your energy. With Amber you can access wholesale energy prices and earn up to $15/kWh in feed-in tariffs. The app's Smartshift™ technology does the work for you, generating tax-free profits that are yours to keep.

Enhance Your Energy with Amber Electric

  • Solar panels capture energy.
  • Inverters convert it to usable power.
  • Your battery stores energy to use when you need.
  • Amber optimises charging and exports for maximum returns.
  • We offer $0 upfront installs plus 6 months of free app access and a $50 credit.
Amber for batteries

Maximise Savings with Amber Electric

The only provider that saves and helps you earn! SmartShift™ forecasts grid energy draw times and can charge your battery for free. Get a bonus of 27

cents per kWh in Ausgrid areas between 2-8 PM, on top of the feed-in tariff. $0 upfront costs let you use savings pay for your investment. Real-time control, expert service, and a sustainable future.

Smartshift™: Optimise The Cost of Energy

Change your energy use for efficiency and more savings:

  • Export during peak times
  • Import when costs are as low as $0.00
  • Automation for hassle-free use
  • Business benefits for efficiency and savings

Why Choose Amber for Batteries?

  • Retail prices are rising
  • Wholesale prices falling
  • Save money with no retailer markups
  • Use the app for real-time prices and insights

Enjoy More Savings with Amber

Join today! Get 6 months of free app access, no lock-in and a $50 credit! Amber makes your energy strategy smart and profitable, without energy retailer interference. Install Amber for a cost-effective energy future.

Wholesale energy prices on amber app

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