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We only recommend solar panels from brands we trust. We pride ourselves on working with the best this industry has to offer and as such we install systems that you can be proud of and enjoy.

Quality solar panels are an investment and they will work hard for you over a long period of time. You should feel confident they can withstand the elements and the test of time.

We have access to the entire market of panel manufacturers and once we understand your requirements, our specialists will recommend the brand they feel best suits your needs.


The inverter can be described as ‘the brains of your solar power system’. It is the component that changes the Direct Current (DC) to a usable Alternating Current (AC) for your home. Without an inverter you cannot use the energy your solar panels produce so it’s essential you pair your panels with an inverter that can maximise their optimum performance.

We only use the best inverters, based on length of warranty and performance over time.

Some inverters include extra intelligent features such as an advanced app monitoring system that allows you to view the energy you are consuming. Our specialists will take the time to discuss the best custom fit for your system based on your exact needs.


With energy prices continuing to rise we are seeing lots of customers keen to embrace the benefit of capturing excess solar power in the daytime to use in the evening when their consumption is higher.

We are skilled at installing hybrid (solar and battery storage) systems that can run an average family home on solar power for 24 hours a day. The life of a solar battery is measured by the number of cycles you should get from it, this is important when considering the battery that is right for you.

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