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Commercial Projects

Businesses generally have significantly larger power outgoings than homes, and often consume the bulk of this power throughout the day, this is the perfect recipe for a solar power system. Let the sun power your business while you reinvest your savings back into the company to do what you love and generate more profit, all while saving on your bills! Our team have a lot of experience delivering large-scale commercial solar projects, check out some of our projects below.

The Timber Yard | 40kW

134 Hyundai Heavy Industry panels and 2 Fronius inverters provide this customer with a 40.2kW system that enables them to generate and use renewable power all day while the machinery-heavy family-business operates, taking full advantage of those sunshine hours to reduce their power bills by 93%

The Dairy Farm | 20kW

This pairing of 67 Hyundai Heavy Industry panels and a 20kW Fronius inverter create this ideal 20.1kW system for this customer. They can focus on their core business while the sun generates free, renewable energy for them.

The Flower Farm | 58kW

189 Hyundai Heavy Industry panels and 3 Fronius inverters make up this 58kW system for a Flower Farm in Orange, NSW.

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